Realise the Potential of CoCreation

The way that we work is changing. We have come a long way, but it is clear more needs to be done.

We can’t create the future we want to see without really working together. It’s too easy to do ‘co’ to people, instead of with them.  Silos, idea sharing and passive participation are no longer enough.

Everywhere I go, people yearn for something more.

Cocreation offers the potential to push through entrenched barriers and solve ‘intractable’ problems

  • focusing on collective empowerment as the pathway to the best possible results
  • applying new methods of organisation that unlock collaborative potential

I bring

  • expertise in methods and models of cocreation
  • deep experience of new ways of working together – I ‘get it

John Baxter: Cocreation Facilitation & Strategy
0405 447 829 | e: john at | @jsbaxter_

Also see About Realise: an introduction to the business of cocreation

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“I have been a participant in several events run by John Baxter and have enjoyed all of them. They are always well organised and extremely rewarding for the participants. John has a unique approach to facilitation and brings a high energy to the events that tends to be contagious for the participants. He also has a strong skill in bringing out all different opinions and thoughts from the participants, even the quieter persons in the room. This all leads to a fantastic end result that is well processed, based on input from everybody and better than the expectations. No business or NFP can afford not to engage his methodologies and leadership. I can strongly recommend John for any project involving challenging existing paradigms or business/organisational models where a co-creation approach will not only create a sustainable solution, but also bring everyone on-board at the very beginning of the project.”
John Saldin, Small Business Advisor,

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