#13CU Elephants’ Gathering

We all look forward to the engaging presentations and lessons learnt at conferences – the upcoming ConnectingUp conference (#13CU) is no exception.  Actually… with a mix of high profile international superstars in the field and a mix of experienced local practitioners, the ConnectingUp conference is positively appetising!

But we all know that the best bits of a great conference are meeting inspiring like-minded colleagues, serendipitous encounters, and exploring the big questions at the edges of our practice.  These gems can be hard to find in a packed schedule, however!

So, at this year’s ConnectingUp conference, let’s convene a space where these are front and centre – the Elephant’s Gathering.

This will be a chance for relaxed and reflective conversation, understanding shared experience, and exploring what we think are the elephants in the room that have escaped the formal program.

Elephant building, from wikimedia.org

Elephant building, from wikimedia.org


Thursday 16 May.  If you’ve been at the ConnectingUp conference, head straight to Stingray Lounge afterwards, at the QT Hotel – a short walk up the road.  Otherwise, join us from 530.

The atmosphere of the Elephant Gathering is informal.

Discussion will be ensured through light facilitation.

The Elephants’ Gathering is an initiative of @JohnSBaxter of Realise – a conversations’ catalyst, creating spaces for discussions that matter.

Stingray has food, drinks and chairs to rest our weary feet, as you can see below.

RSVP: leave your details below – and share what elephants you’ll be hunting at ConnectingUp 2013.

Stingray.  Nice place

pretty schmick, eh?


Stingray interior

Singray Food Menu 2013

Pretty mad MS Paint skills, eh?  It's just a glimpse of the fun to be had


2 thoughts on “#13CU Elephants’ Gathering

  1. Keryn

    Hi John! Keryn here from Work Club – the new coworking space opening on the Gold Coast founded by Libby Sander. Really looking forward to meeting everyone for interesting discussions @ Stingray. Im not sure which elephants I am hunting just yet..

  2. Hannah

    Hey! I’m Hannah from Department of Broadband. My elephants will be what people want to do with the NBN. I’ll also be there with ears flapping – I want to hear about what everyone is doing online, and how the internet is changing what you do.


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