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Cocreation Report #1

The first Cocreation Report, emerging out of Ci2i Global in February 2014

CoCreation Report #1 – March 2014 (pdf)

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  • Introduction
  • What is this cocreation thing anyway? | Beyond collaboration
  • Cases from afar – or perhaps not so far | forums with Doing Something Good and City of Melbourne
  • Concepts | the inner cocreativity of Open Space


Links from the first Cocreation Report

  1. Ci2i Global Lab
  2. Nathalie Dupuis-Hepner
  3. Notes #1 from Ci2i Lab, collaboration vs cocreation
  4. Notes #2 from Ci2i Lab, values of cocreation
  5. Doing Something Good, What is an Unconference?
  6. CoCreate Adelaide, Why we use Open Space
  7. Open Space World wiki, What is Open Space?
  8. Doing Something Good
  9. EcoCity Food Forum
  10. CoMConnect


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