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Cocreation Report 2 — April 2014

Cocreation Report 2 — April 2014 (pdf)

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Hello cocreator

It’s been a big couple of months since starting these Cocreation Reports in the aftermath of the Ci2i Lab!

An exciting network of exploratory activity is surfacing. Ci2i is crowdsourcing a book on cocreation, and I am contributing to the engagement process and synthesis of concepts. My own understanding of cocreation is rapidly crystallising. I’m planning future reports now to share the picture that is coming into focus.

This month though, let’s set our sights on the murky relationship between cocreation and community engagement. These thoughts and insights were inspired by the recent Place Leaders Asia Pacific conference, early March in Adelaide.

Thank you to Greg Mackie and Peter Smith from Place Leaders for their role convening the conference. Thanks also to those who have fleshed this issue out in conversation – Noriko Wynn, Arkellah Hall, Amelia Loye and Amy Hubbard in particular. And a final nod to the place shapers whose ideas have contributed and in particular Lucinda Hartley whose own clarity inspired this edition.

John Baxter
Founder and Director, Realise


  • What is this cocreation thing anyway? | Fuzzy logic of engagement
  • Cocreation Foundations | Thinking clearly about engagement
  • Cocreative case studies from afar – and not so far | CoDesign Studio, Melbourne

Download: Cocreation Report 2 — April 2014 (pdf)


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  4. Codesign Studio, floating gardens project, Cambodia

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Download: Cocreation Report 2 — April 2014 (pdf)