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Update— lead up to the SA local gov elections

I have no new CoCreation Reports to share because I have too many things to write about and don’t know how to choose. But with a lot going on it is worth a quick update. : )

The biggest news is CoCreate Adelaide City, a local government election forum focused on the Adelaide CBD. A residents-focused group and traders’ association (WEVA and AWEA) have jumped on board and we just locked in Saturday 18th October as the date. Announcement here.

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, CoCreate is multiplying and Becky Hirst is now planning her own local forum in McLaren Vale.

After focusing on the business for six months it feels good to be just going out and doing things because they should happen.

By the next time I write I should have a few interesting case studies from current work as well.

Read on for some choice cocreation-information…

‘The Poor and the Powerful’, Joanna Hubbard – a hard hitting look at ‘help’, charity and working with not for

‘The Social Labs Revolution’ book review by Michelle Holliday – I think ‘a new approach to solving our most complex challenges’ says it all… waiting on this book from the library right now

My last CoCreation Report (the one on the participation matrix) generated more interest than I expected and led to a few follow-ons. You might be interested in this video of my presentation (Myths of Co) at DPC’s Better Together Showcase, or my article on participation on the Collaboration For Impact blog.

Collaboration gets work done, but even more importantly, cooperation connects people by building trust@Jarche (it is also a hell of a lot easier!)

What does it look like for an organisation to be cocreative? This generative organisation post is spot on.

Cities by Citizens, a blog and global experiment co-authored by Lucinda Hartley (CoDesign Studio)

“Meet people where they’re at” was my motto for June. Sometimes this can be condescending… suggesting we need to stoop down to meet people at ‘their level’. But if we can push past that it’s an important principle. See Joanna’s article linked below, and also reflect on practices of collaboration and change (like consulting!) — to effect change we need to work with people and with the present system, and we need to meet them where they’re at, wherever that is.

​Nobody has a compelling narrative for scaling up collaborative practice and transform systems at larger-than-project scale​ – major lesson from a trip to Melbourne.​

​I also find myself moving away from ‘cocreation’ as an identifier.​ It is too easy to hang our hats off a superficial and simplistic idea of cocreation, and I am in no position to fight a trend towards watered down versions of the concept. Moreover, a lot of the genuine ‘collaboration’ crowd use that word to describe exactly what I would call cocreation (e.g. Twyfords, Collabforge). Which really makes me think, all the ‘co’ words are being slowly drained of meaning… today they might be useful, but don’t hang on too tight for tomorrow they prove a double-edged sword.

Happenings (SA)____
July was a big month for collaboration and collective impact! I am especially excited about the ripples that Together SA is now making around Collective Impact.

The next few months is all about citizenship and cocreation.

Coming up in SA:

  • Active Citizenship conference, Local Gov Managers Australia, Fri 12 Sept
  • Mainstreets Masterclass (Property Council), focused on practices of cocreation, Fri 19 Sept
  • Changemakers’ Festival 17-26th October (CoCreate Adelaide City will be part of the program)
  • also watch out for the AFL Grand Final, City to Bay and local government elections