Letting go of a paradigm of powerlessness

We have great capacity to shape the world around us.

It is a truism that we can now publish and share our thoughts, connect with peers and leaders, start businesses and scale them much more readily than even ten years ago.  Of course, not all of us are so lucky… but if you’re reading my blog I’m willing to bet that these things ring true.

It is also a truism that we are disempowered and disconnected from this capacity.

While the sense is still fuzzy for me (and everybody else describes it in their own way), it seems to me like we are in a paradigm of powerlessness.

It is very hard to generalise, but the strongest indicator I see is how we characterise our different roles in society, and how frequently we adopt one role or another.

We are often workers before all else, consumers whenever we are not working, and customers some of the time of both. We are voters once every few years, volunteers perhaps once a month, and as far as I can tell most people are citizens perhaps a couple of times in their lives.

Decision makers make the decisions about society for us… and even in our personal lives, we decide little more than who our friends are (if we are lucky) and what colour case we put on our latest tech gadget – a choice out of those provided to us.

Diagram_of_the_Federal_Government_and_American_Union_edit - co Wikipedia

These roles reflect how we think about how the world around us is shaped, and our role in that process.

Despite the tools that we have and the capacity we wield, if we cannot let go of the beliefs that don’t serve us, then we are handicapped.  It is hard to cocreate a better future if we do not believe it is possible.

Step one for a better future; believe in possibility.

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