pillars of practice

“Realizing desired results in a global society – or in any context – requires both learning and leadership, but above all it involves collective creating.” – Peter Senge

cocreative processes_____

To affect real change we need to work together and apply the capacity of as many of those within the system as possible.  We need to recognise that there are many active players, and that all agents have a role, and have access to levers.  Affecting change means moving beyond the small set of tools that we can wield ourself – to collective processes that enable us to create new futures.

open participation_____

Serendipity and emergence play powerful roles creating options that we haven’t even thought of yet.  If we already had all the answers, we wouldn’t have any outstanding problems.

Open, participatory methods invite the contribution of whoever has a stake, driving innovation, enabling cocreation and building community.

community building_____

We don’t know exactly what the future holds for us, but we do know that building our capacity will hold us in good stead.  Building community, connections and networks is an investment in our social capital – and our ability to work together to affect change.

All of our processes should aim to build, not undermine, our future capacity.

systems thinking_____

To really understand our broader impact, we need to understand the systems around us.  Only systems thinking offers the pragmatic, big-picture, holistic view that we need to make wise decisions and actions.

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