Realising our collective potential

Everywhere you look our social and economic systems are dominated by a crowd of passive participants – especially in Western government, non-profit and business sectors.  Sometimes these are customers, sometimes they are citizens, or perhaps they are social services clients.  This crowd represents a massive untapped potential for getting things done.

We want to see governments and non-profits collaborate more effectively, we want people to have more fulfilling, engaged and purposeful lives, and we want to see business better aligned to the needs of society. New ways of working are emerging that make this possible – they are based on participation and human engagement.

Realise is dedicated to this potential.  We seek to realise collective potential by engaging and empowering the people in our economic and social systems.

We aren’t alone in contributing to this change.  Our most innovative success stories are examples of this evolution, like Wikipedia, Linux, Twitter and ‘networked non-profits‘ like Women’s World Banking which multiplied its budget by 3.5 – and its impact by 350. It is also powering people-driven initiatives like CoCreate Adelaide, and shaking up tradition in how organisations engage community.

CoCreate Adelaide (April 2013– edited by John and Michael Kubler

Modus Operandi
The role of Realise is to strategise, design and facilitate – determine what types of engagement and interaction will best unlock collective potential, plan the spaces and the forums to make this possible, and facilitate the process as it unfolds.

This approach is based on people, their passions and the interactions that work for them – independent of medium. This might mean anything from face-to-face workshops to mass online collaboration.

This is delivered on the basis of consultancy contracts, project partnerships or in leading collaborative initiatives.

Who is Realise?
John Baxter and an extended network of collaborators and supporters – in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and internationally.

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